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‘Absolutely Flabbergasted…’ Trudeau Blasted For ‘Peculiar Timing’ Of India Shocker | Watch


Sep 19, 2023

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been blasted for the “peculiar timing” of his announcement to expel an Indian diplomat after accusing New Delhi for the assassination of Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Nijjar. Canada-based professor Vivek Dehejia, who is also a foreign policy expert, has said he was shocked to learn of Trudeau’s decision. “I was absolutely flabbergasted and shocked. When I saw this news, it was literally a bombshell thrown by Mr Trudeau on the first day of the Parliamentary session in Canada. It was unexpected…Trudeau went to the G20 and we know all of the awkwardness that happened there. Something is peculiar about the timing of this announcement,” he said.


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