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‘Ek yugpurush…’: Navjot Singh Sidhu salutes the cult status of MS Dhoni | Cricket News


May 13, 2024

NEW DELHI: That MS Dhoni has a legendary stature in India is an open secret. And in Chennai, home of the Chennai Super Kings, the former captain is revered as a demi-god.
CSK ended their home league stage in IPL 2024 with a five-wicket victory against Rajasthan Royals on Sunday.
Speculation was rife that Dhoni may have played his last match at the Chepauk with rumours going around that this may be his last IPL season.
But Dhoni, as always, is keeping his cards close to his chest and hasn’t yet spilled the beans on his retirement and there is no doubt that an ear will end once ‘Thala‘ decides to call it quits.
The official broadcaster of the tournament shared a video of Navjot Singh Sidhu in which the former cricketer-turned-commentator salutes the legendary status of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in his typical style.
In the video Sidhu says, “The world bows to the strong, not to the weak. It’s the thoughts that count. Thoughts can make humans god or demon. All the miracles in the world are of thoughts. Your thoughts are the real interpreters of your actions.”
Aur ye sakaraatmak soch ki parikaashtha hai, Himalaya parvat hai, ek yugpurush hai. And when he will retire from the game, an era will end. It’s rare that mothers give birth to a great man and the stature of that great man grows and spreads like a cult, the legend grows, it happens every second. And the world always remembers great people like an institution. Mortals like me will come and go but an institution like Dhoni will continue to inspire generations to come and will be immortalized,” Sidhu adds.

Defending champions CSK rose to the third spot with the victory over the Royals and are in the running to make the playoffs and ended their highly successful home leg, winning five out of their seven matches at the Chepauk.

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