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K R Narayanan film institute students call off strike- The New Indian Express


Jan 24, 2023

By Express News Service

KOTTAYAM: Two days after the resignation of the director of the K R Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts (KRNNIVSA), students called off their 50-days-long indefinite strike following talks with the Higher Education Minister in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday.

Students’ council chairman Sreedev Suprakash said they have  withdrawn the strike taking into account the assurance given by the minister in the talks. Speaking to media Higher Education Minister R Bindu said the all issues raised by the striking students will be settled amicably. “The government has already given direction to resume the academic activities today (Monday) itself. We will also consider the suggestions and recommendations in the report submitted by the government-appointed commission,”she said.

During the talks, the minister told students that a search committee has been constituted to select a new director for the institute. The minister said the process in this regard will be expedited. “Steps will be taken to fill up the vacant reserved seats in the current academic year. The eligibility for reserved seats will be specified clearly in the prospectus for the next academic year,” she said.

The minister termed the practice of deputing the institute staff to the director’s residence  for domestic work as improper. She said steps will be taken to ensure that such incidents do not recur. A Student Welfare Committee will be constituted as a permanent mechanism for timely redressal of usual concerns and grievances of students related with the administrative and academic activities. The chairman of the committee will be a senior faculty member, who is acceptable to all.

The minister added that a ‘Social Justice Committee’ will be formed to investigate and redress the grievances of students and employees belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and other marginalized groups in a timely manner and to remove hindrances in the release of e-grants.

An expert committee will also be formed to study the academic complaints raised by the students.Regarding the complaints related to the shortening of the duration of the course, a committee of academic experts will be constituted to look into the issue. The committee will also look into the issue of course fees and the grievances of the students regarding restrictions imposed on workshops, project film shooting etc.

Minister added that steps will be taken to issue diploma certificates in a timely manner and the diplomas will be awarded to all those who have already completed their studies before March 31. The government also assured student representation in key governing bodies of the institute as well. A mechanism will be set up for amicable resolution of cases where students have approached the court. The government also ensure that meetings of the executive committee are held punctually. Issues raised in connection with the students’ issues in bylaws and bonds will also be examined.

There are reports that resumption of academics is likely to be delayed with seven employees, including two teaching staff resigning on Saturday. It is believed that the employees resigned due to Shankar Mohan’s exit from the institute